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Date: 7/28/2015 1:08 PM EDT

Top 5 Gold Rolex Watches

  1. Rolex Day Date 2 (President)18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Bezel
  2. Rolex Day Date 2 (President) 18kt  Yellow Gold 
  3. Rolex Day Date 2 (President) 18kt Rose Gold with Chocolate ----- click here
  4. Rolex Day Date 18kt Yellow Gold ------- click here
  5. Rolex Daytona 18kt Yellow Gold
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Date: 12/16/2014 11:57 AM EST

If your gold jewelry is accidentally dented or scratched it’s not the end of the world, but you’d like to avoid hurting your beloved and valuable jewelry pieces, right? Me too! That’s why I’ve gathered up these tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re wearing gold jewelry. These suggestions will help to preserve the life of your precious pieces and keep them shining for years to come!


It’s funny to think that gold is itself an element right out of your high school science book, while it’s commonplace to think of it as just another accessory. The fact is that gold can have a chemical reaction if it comes into contact with other harmful chemicals. This includes chlorine and household cleaning products. Your best bet to avoid a potentially damaging chemical reaction is to keep gold out of the pool or hot tub and out of the way when cleaning. Take off your jewelry when you’re working with abrasives, acids, or harsh chemicals like household cleaning products – or wear gloves.


If you aren’t wearing your jewelry, make sure that you store it in the best way possible. Make sure that you keep it safe in a jewelry box, or even wrapped in a cloth to keep the chains from getting tangled or tossed around. Things can get messy if you are in rush to go somewhere and you have to spend hours untangling necklaces. Instead, take a couple extra minutes to put things away neatly. If jewelry gets tangled, then scratches can be formed, which will take away from the beauty of these pieces.


If you see that your jewelry is damaged in some way, like a scratch or terrible tangling, don’t waste time in getting it to your trusted jeweler. Your professional jeweler ( ) will be able to repair it most likely by either untangling pieces gently or re-dipping your piece with another layer of gold.


Nobody wants to go through the pain of losing a favorite necklace! Make sure to pay proper attention to clasps, prongs and chain links to ensure that they are not broken, and are secured properly. If they are not, then you may often lose your jewelry. After wearing, always give it a little cleaning with a soft cloth for extra shine and to remove any skin oils from the metal.

Gold is indeed a precious metal, so make sure that you take care of it properly. Keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind, you’ll be able to preserve the life of your jewelry and keep it shining for years to come! Learn more at FashionCents

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Date: 11/21/2014 5:07 PM EST

A luxury timepiece can be as versatile as the gentleman sporting it. As a collector’s item for the connoisseur, as utility with high symbolic value or as a fashion accessory – they are far more than instruments that measure time. Here are 10 reasons, why high-end watches are inevitable for all men, who appreciate the exceptional and beautiful.

01. Jewelry: First of all, luxury watches are simply stunning. Watches can be pieces of exceptional beauty, just as any accompaniment, one might think. Watches, however, have a special status linked to the functional excuse of measuring the time. Even though wristwatches were initially worn by women, they are now, first and foremost, a male fashion accessory. And ultimately, it is the one item that can make the difference in a very thin scope of action a man wardrobe allows.
02. Emotional Value: Watches are attached with emotions, as it accompanies its wearer in good times and bad. Not only are they physically with you, but actually present when indicating the most precious good we have. As gifts received from our closest friends and family members, watches can mark special events in life such as milestone anniversaries, weddings or professional achievements. Quite commonly, they are passed along from one generation to the next. So there is a good chance that even your future great-grandson is going to spend time with your favorite timepiece on his wrist.
03. Perfection: Perfection is like the holy grail of watchmaking. Even the best manufacturers won’t ever reach it entirely, but they will always seek it with endless commitment. Not only from a time-measurement standpoint, but also regarding its aesthetics and quality of manufacturing, is the pursuit of perfection one of the key reasons to buy a luxury timepiece instead of a 3-dollars quartz watch.

04. Functionality: Your watch is always there when you need it. Sure, your iPhone or Android device will also provide you with the correct time measure. But after one or two days your battery is empty and you will need to recharge it. Also, it is not required to shut it down or take it off in airplanes, government buildings and other signal-transmission-free places. Additionally, taking a quick look at your wrist is way more convenient than rummaging in your pocket (That’s why some even consider the smartphone as a step backward to the “coat pocket time measurement”). Your smartphone might be able to do all the fancy stuff, but the watch is a simple and functional lifetime workhorse.
05. Punctuality: Punctuality is part of a gentleman’s code of conduct, reified by his watch. Next to actually supporting a successful time management, high-end watches are therefore also material artifacts that dignify the importance of time on a symbolic level.
06. Exclusiveness: There is no doubt that it is desirable to own something special that distinguishes you from most other people. There is no doubt that exclusiveness is about social status. However, wearing a prestigious brand can’t be reduced to the aspect of “showing off” in front of other people. The average person has never heard of names like Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC or Ulysse Nardin. For most watch aficionados, the motivation of owning something rare and unique primarily arises from the mere awareness of owning something exceptional, rather than paying attention to what others might think.
07. Mechanics: Compared to other utilities we encounter every day, the functioning of a watch is pretty simple. Its basic mechanism has been providing us with time measurement for hundreds of years. And yet there is so much innovation in a luxury watch, striving to achieve an even more accurate and durable time indication. Side effects: Setting free the (gentle-)man child.
08. Mobility: Yes. Even though they generally come without wheels, watches are quite mobile. Unlike a harem of sports cars or a selection of exclusive wines, you can take it anywhere without any notable effort.
09. Timelessness: Some of the previous points were already linked to the aspect of timelessness. But think of it, folks. What else in your life is designed and crafted for such a long period of time? Also in future generations, a watch will be based on the very same technical and aesthetical principles that it is today. That’s why high-end watches are not only produced, but actually worn for decades.
10. Statement: Do you prefer sporty divers or elegant dress watches? Maybe it is the history of model A or manufacturer B that arouses your interest?. The decision for a particular watch contributes to telling others who you are. Not only that, but also the mere fact of wearing a luxury watch reflects a bundle of inherent statements in and for itself. And a lot of them just perfectly match values that are quite commonly regarded as gentlemanlike. 
from MrGoodLife

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